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Easy To Remember Useful Tips by Tuff Roots:

* Mowers with wheels are better than hover mowers

* Trees provide shade in a garden (This is the best tree)

* Just mowing the lawn is better than nothing

* Greek/Romanesque statues make a garden look romantic

* Feed the soil NOT the plants

* Use pot plants to decorate the garden

* A pond makes a garden quieter

* Geraniums make the best house/basket/pot plants

* Forking the roots makes plants 30% bigger

* If this website is not looking great on your phone or tablet then you might like to consider a new phone or tablet which are getting better all the time.

More to come soon...

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For the people who love the fine art of gardening, please read on...

Before we start...
Before we start...

This is a new site and articles will be appearing over the days, weeks and months ahead. I repeat many themes because they are important. Please keep coming back for more useful information about gardening.

This website is created by a UK gardener but owing to visits from the USA/Canada, I try to offer info. and products suitable for those countries. An example of this conundrum is Verdone Extra, which is the best lawn weedkiller ever created, but not offered in N. America.

- I am a full time gardener looking after many gardens over the years. And because I had to rush from garden to garden to keep them beautiful (and my customers happy), I was forced to develop time-saving and effective methods. These methods are being added to this site. Enjoy.

- Currently, I am looking after 12 gardens in my portfolio. Here are photo shots of some of them.

- I have been studying, designing and maintaining gardens since I left school.

- This site has the best information you need for the basics.

- Get the basics right and everything follows on from there.

Tuff Roots Show Garden
Tuff Roots Show Garden

List of Basic Gardening Tasks

Lawn care - Scarification and general maintenance procedures

Trimming - (Generally if a shrub flowers BEFORE May, then after flowering, prune straightaway. If a shrub flowers AFTER May, then prune the following spring)

Forking The Roots - Generally, weeding the flowerbeds will get air to the roots. I discovered that forking the roots is one of the most beneficial tasks one can perform both for plants in the garden, plants in pots and house plants

Seaweed Fertilizer - This is one of the most effective fertilizers I have ever used.

3 Facts About Gardening

- A worldwide survey showed that gardening is the most rewarding occupation in the world.

- Gardening is one of the most effective health activities a person can undertake. An hours gardening is equivalent to 3 hours in the gym.

- As plants are cut, they release essential oils which the gardener breathes in and absorbs through the skin having beneficial effects on the wellbeing of the gardener (I bet you didn't though that!)

Please revisit this site for updates.

Keep on gardening!